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Gifted People


When Trons and Eraphins married or reproduced with sorcerers, their offspring would take on the sorcerer’s strongest powers. When someone found they had a gift from an ancestor, they were given names. 

Movelings – They have the ability to move items with their minds. Some were strong with the ability while others in the same family would be weak. It wouldn’t show up, but they could pass on the gene. The Movelings could move a large item if they had enough strong gifted people working together on it.

Vanishers – They are people with the gift to move faster than a non-Vanisher could see. A Vanisher had the ability to blend in with non-living material and become a part of the wall or large stone. So you wouldn’t know they were there. Yet, they could watch you.

Control Temps – They had the gift to control the temperature around them and of things.

 Minettes – This was a very rare gift, causing only a few people to inherit it. A Minette could study someone for a few minutes to appear and sound like that person. Right down to their fingerprints and energy waves, they would be that person. It was very hard to tell the difference. Only the Master of the Stones would know the truth.

Minglers - A Mingler is very rare. They have the ability to take two non-living materials and melt them together. For example, you could take two small pebbles and melt them into one, by holding them in their hands.

These were the people who the evil sorcerer was determined to rid the galaxy from. Does he accomplish it? Find out in the Stones’ Quest series. 


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