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Ellisarius Galaxy. The Home of the Stones' Quest Series

Education of these People

Education is very important to those living in Ellisarius. Children come to school already knowing how to read. In school, they learn the science of harmony with energy waves of items. Every cell puts out energy and they learn how to feel it. To understand the energy, they need to understand different sciences. They have some that are different from us. Some are the same.

Science is very important with their society and so is math. They use math to fly through space and to build their buildings, like us. Everything in their lives basically revolves around math and science. They also have the arts and sports in their schools for fun and recreation.

The Eraphins are highly intelligent and use fifty percent of the mind compared to us. In school, the children get started learning how to get in harmony with plants. Plants show them an immediate response that they are connected to them.

A lot of the beginning years of school are spent here. A few people go on to learn how to master the art of getting in harmony with the air so they can blend in with it to become invisible.

In the schools, the children are taught how to use their minds to deal with emotional pain. Therefore, they do not have to medicate themselves. The people in Ellisarius do not take stimulants or depressants to feel good or alter their emotions as on Earth. They are taught how to choose to be happy and to understand the value of pain.

For Gifted People - They have classes to learn how to use and develop their gifts. They have extensive tests that can measure the small or large amounts of the abilities they inherited from the sorcerers.  

The academy – This is their higher education and everyone goes there. They have specific academies for most of the same subjects we have here. There is an academy for medical, architect, science of energy, military, and so on. After graduation, they get a job in the field they studied. For an example, if you want to fly ships of any kind, you have to attend the military academy.

Cold Fusion – This is how their aurora orbiters work. They are equivalent to our light bulbs. Aurora orbiters generate their own energy. If you wanted to work in this field, you would go into a cold fusion academy. An aurora orbiter ranges in different sizes, starting at being very tiny, like a marble, to being very large. The military uses the very large aurora orbiters.They can have a diameter of four feet. 

What makes aurora orbiters so unique? They float in the air besides creating their own energy. They can be programmed to float around a certain area or be stationary. Either way, they can be programmed to shoot a ray of light in a specific direction or multiple directions at once. In the military, the large four-foot orbiters can be programmed to follow a person. Mentally, a person can command it to stay, follow, or shoot a ray of light in any direction the person needs. 


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