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Ellisarius Galaxy. The Home of the Stones' Quest Series


Trons lived in the galaxy before the Eraphins. The sorcerers enslaved some of them and treated them cruelly. When the sorcerers didn’t need them to do a task, they were transformed into a bird or animal. The Trons had to choose what they were turned into and once it happened, they became that animal every time.

In an attempt to control them, the sorcerers wouldn’t change a Tron into an animal if their loved one were in animal form. It was their attempt to control the Trons. What the sorcerers didn’t plan on was that they did it so often that the Trons became able to transform themselves. All they had to think about was the animal or bird and they became it.

The sorcerers lost control of them but they would kidnap another one, repeating that action. Some families escaped the sorcerers. If they were discovered, the sorcerer killed them on the spot. So they lived in fear all of their days.

Generations later, the Trons passed on the ability to change into a bird or animal because the incantations performed on them changed their DNA. These are the animals that happened to be passed on through the DNA:
Birds of all sizes
Cats – large and small
They became very good spies. 


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