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Ellisarius Galaxy. The Home of the Stones' Quest Series

The Ellisarius Galaxy History

As we know from the Hubble telescope, we are among many galaxies within our universe. We are just one of numerous star systems out there. Somewhere within the universe, we find a galaxy called Ellisarius. The story of Stones’ Quest is about this special galaxy. The story shows how the people lived and died.

The people in the Ellisarius galaxy are very much like us, with the same needs and feelings. Yet, they have a different culture and technology than we do.  As you read through the different groups of people within the story, you will be able to piece together their culture and traditions. It will explain how they lived differently from you; yet, they were very much like you.

There is one area you’ll find different from our history. The Ellisarius galaxy had sorcerers ruling over those who lived there. They made it hard for the humans, called Trons. The Trons suffered greatly at the hands of some of the sorcerers. Most of the sorcerers ruled over their part of the galaxy with an iron-fist.

Trons were prolific in reproducing while the sorcerers struggled. It meant death if a sorcerer married a Tron. The sorcerers feared their powers would transfer to the humans if they mated. The sorcerers had intermarried so much they soon struggled to have children. Some sorcerers were starting to marry out of the order of magic, hoping to stop their line from dying off. This started a long and deadly war between the sorcerers. 

The sorcerers were the only ones who could travel around the galaxy. Each sorcerer had a dark clear stepping-stone and they used it to transport themselves between stepping-stones.  The stones gave them the ability to see throughout the galaxy and control their incantations for as long as the sorcerer deemed.

One sorcerer became very evil and took it upon himself to eliminate all gifted people. Gifted people were the offspring of a Tron and sorcerer marriage. The evil sorcerer started to travel between the stones with the sole purpose of killing his equals who married a Tron. Fear consumed the other sorcerers as the news started to spread of the deaths of those who mated outside the magical order. 

Some sorcerers started to disappear on their own, after others were found murdered. They went into hiding. One good sorcerer took his stepping-stone and hid it in the ground so it would control a curse on the moon. This way, no one could travel to it or desire to visit this moon. Here his descendants lived in peace. Others destroyed their stepping-stones and went into exile, stopping the evil sorcerer from finding them. This was a way of saving their line. 

At the same time the evil sorcerer started to purge the galaxy of gifted people and other sorcerers. Some explorers entered their galaxy. They were Eraphins from the Eraphin galaxy. They were a highly intelligent group of people who freed the Trons from their fate. You can read on in the Eraphin section.


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