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Ellisarius Galaxy. The Home of the Stones' Quest Series

Eraphin People

Eraphins were a highly intelligent people who had the knowledge of how to communicate with Stones. They believed stones are highly intelligent if you can only tap into their dimension. The Eraphins learned how to get in harmony with the stones’ energy and then asked them to perform a task. They do the same with their equipment and weapons. No one could use their weapons or equipment unless they understood the energy output of what they want to use. Once in harmony, they mentally command it to perform a job.

The Eraphins have highly sophisticated spaceships. Their captains bond with the navigational stone before they can fly their ships. This procedure caused the captains to be the only person capable of flying the ships that they had personally bonded with. The navigational stone was the main stone and governed the rest. The bonded captains were the only ones the stones would obey. It was impossible for anyone else to fly his or her ships. If the captain was killed, they had to wait for a new one person to bond with the stones and it always took time. This was why they always had at least two captains.

Stones performed numerous tasks for them on their ships. Below are the stones they used and what they did. The military uses the stone technology.

Blue stones were used in communicating. They were called C-Stones.  In all of their communication equipment was a sliver of the blue stone. This allowed them to communicate by just getting in harmony with the stone then commanding it to connect with another stone. 

Green stones were used to open and close doors on the ship along with paging people for a message within their ships. They also controlled the mood lights on the ship, which created the days and nights for them. 

Orange stones
were called time-sync stones. They allowed them to know the time sequence on their ship and how long it would take to arrive at their destination. The time-sync stone worked with the navigational stone. 

Purple stones are called the navigational stone. They navigate their ships through space. They also operate their speeds and landings. The purple stones also operate the navigational tables or NV tables and handle the security of the ship when landed. They can tell where everyone is in the ship at all times. They also operate the navigational screens that show the captains what the terrain on a moon or planet is like on a given coordinate. 

Black stones are called jump stones. The Eraphins found the galaxy is configured on grids. The jump stones know how to jump grids so it allows them to travel around the galaxy in weeks or in a month from one end to another.

Red stones are the energy source for pumping. It keeps water and fuel to operate hullercasts and camouflage gels.

Pink stones are information stones. They keep all the information about the galaxy and its different moons and planets. History is also stored on these stones.

Yellow stones are for the Master of the Galaxy only. He can record messages for future Masters and he can keep a journal or history of his dealings. Only a Master of the Stones can open a yellow stone and can leave messages for a particular Master. That way, other Masters of the Stones will not be able to read it. 

White stones are called server stones. They belong to the Master of the Galaxy. They can create other dimensions and allow someone to see anything within the galaxy. The server stones can project to a receptive device. Only the Master of the Galaxy can get it to project images and make dimensions. Anyone can use a server stone to see throughout the galaxy.  

Master Stones are the four white powerful Stones. Each Stone has a mind of its own. To work together, they need to come together in one in purpose. Once they bond together, finding a common communication level, they find a man to bond with him. They become a part of the man’s DNA. Together, they protect the galaxy with every element in the galaxy obeying their commands. He becomes a super Hero where nothing can touch him.

Each Stone has an emblem inside of it. This allows someone to tell the difference between them and the server stones. The emblems were a snowflake, a raindrop, the wind and another the sun.

Hullercasts are like a screen savers that can be projected over an open door so people can walk through them, but be unable to see inside the room. It gives color to their spaceships. Hullercast sensors are on the outside of their ships and project in or outward pictures on solid surfaces.

Eraphins also use hullercasts to change the look of their ships and to hide them. Hullercasts run on fuel that the red stones pump around the ship. Their ships do not need windows, because the hullercasts will project what is outside on the preprogrammed areas within the ship.
When they go into battle, the bridge seals off. They’ll turn on the hullercasts to get a three hundred and sixty degree projection of the battle. It looks like they are in a clear transparent bubble.

Camouflage gels are a clear light shell that is around a spaceship or transport. It hides them from the enemy. What is on the ground is projected to the outside of the camouflage gel. So no one will be able to see in.

Anyone underneath a camouflage gel can see out perfectly. The same fuel that operates their hullercasts operates the camouflage gel.
Galaxy Creepers are the Eraphins’ largest ships. They can pick up multiple buildings besides house a thousand people. When an Eraphin moves, they are capable of taking their home with them. 

Star Screamers are smaller and faster than a Galaxy Creeper. They can reach their destination in two-thirds the time it takes a Galaxy Creeper. They cannot pick up buildings and they house approximately a hundred people.

Star Skippers are smaller than a Star Screamer. They do not have a long-range capability of flying like the other two ships. They are for short runs only. They seat approximately fifteen people plus they have two cargo rooms. They are not usually configured with weapons.
They are usually used for transporting a small group of people from a moon or planet to a ship that is outside of the atmosphere.

They do have a longer range of travel but they can’t jump from one grid to another because they are too small for the stone technology. Anyone can fly a Star Skipper after some lessons. People who have bonded with the navigational stone fly the other ships.

Shuttles are usually used on a planet and moon to transport people around. They aren’t operated on stone technology as they instead use fuel.

Seldom did anyone come to the Ellisarius galaxy. People in the universe feared the sorcerers. They weren’t friendly to newcomers. These Eraphins chanced entering the galaxy for the sole purpose of finding the rare white Master Stones. It had been predicted for generations that the Ellisarius galaxy held a rare and powerful white Stone. 

During their search for the Stones, they got caught up in the war. It started when one Eraphin man named, Sethus, found the four all-powerful white Stones. They planned to leave, but they quickly learned the Master Stones would only work in the Ellisarius galaxy. So they decided to stay.

Sethus was bound to stay. They didn’t know that the powerful Stones bonded with a man to become a part of his DNA. This was what happened to Sethus, the first Master of the Galaxy. The Stones have a mind of their own and allowed Sethus to find them. They picked him to be their Master.

With Sethus being the Master of the Stones, the Eraphin people discovered the power of the rare Stones. He was more powerful than all of the sorcerers put together or anything they had found in other galaxies. The job of the Master of the Stones was to protect the galaxy so the Master Stones with Sethus became involved in the war. He freed the Trons from their oppression.

The evil sorcerer became jealous of Sethus. He wanted to be the most powerful man ever to live in the galaxy. Sethus with the Stones was far more powerful. The evil sorcerer had one weapon against Sethus, his daughter.

Before he became the Master, Sethus and the evil sorcerer’s daughter fell in love and married. They escaped her father’s wrath before he became the Master of the Galaxy and found the rare Stones.

The evil sorcerer used his daughter to destroy the Master Stones and take over the galaxy. Or did he?  The story is told within the Stones’ Quest series. Stones’ Quest starts with:
For generations, the Ellisarius Galaxy enjoyed peace and prosperity as the Master of the Galaxy ruled with the four white Stones of ultimate power. But three decades ago, the Stones were scattered and the Master disappeared….


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