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Ellisarius Galaxy. The Home of the Stones' Quest Series

Planets and Moons – What they are like.

The Ellisarius Galaxy contains many planets similar to our Earth. These planets have oceans, mountains, deserts, and topical forests. Though, some moons and planets are completely desert-like or tropical. It depends. They all have trees and plants like us, except for a few.

Flowers also exist on these planets and moons that smell like strawberry jam and fresh- baked bread. It is quite similar to the effect of scented candles that we might use in our homes.

There is one plant that is not here on E arth. It is called a Snacker Vine. It’s a carnivorous plant that will eat not only flesh, but metal. They stand four feet tall and are triggered whenever something strikes the ground, reacting to the vibration . It will determine if it will send out its vines that will bring you back to the mother plant or not. Another way they react is when something or someone makes the fatal mistake of brushing up against them.

Snacker V ines have their way of drawing you into them. They have huge flowers that give off a lovely scent to lure an unsuspecting victim.

The color of the flower is determined by the smell. For example, strawberry jam and fresh- baked bread is red and white.

The one fragrance and color unique to Snacker Vines is licorice. The flower has colors and stripes that change in the winds like kaleidoscopes. Below are a few of the fragrances found in their flowers in the Ellisarius Galaxy and Snacker Vines.


Planets and Moons
Below are just some of the planets and moons found in the Ellisarius Galaxy:

Mossen P lanet – It’s a planet like Earth and it is well-populated. It was the planet where Gostler, the former Master of the Galaxy, lived and reigned as Master . 

Jasmine P lanet – This is a strange, but beautiful planet. The whole planet is tropical as the temperature is usually about seventy degrees both night and day. It also rains a lot, the storms being hard, short, and frequent. Underneath the ground, the planet is honeycombed with large and small caverns. The caverns are cool with a constant low temperature.

When the civil war broke out, I-Force occupied the planet first and stored the fuel in the caverns for the hullercasts and camouflage gels. Then they discovered a better fuel that didn’t need a cool cavern to store them in.

The KOGN weren’t as lucky as they took over the planet to store their fuel. No one except the military lives there as they are stationed for repairs and refueling ships to make hullercasts and camouflage gels.
This is the only place where Snacker Vines live . Now you understand why it isn’t populated. 

Torridity M oon – This was once a lush green moon that was cursed by a sorcerer. The surface is 155 degrees and higher. It is populated only by Control Temps. They are the only ones who can control the temperature to make it seventy-five degrees all the time. Only a couple of people in the I-Force military know about them. They are a guarded secret.            

Zummer Moon – This is a deadly moon. It contains a deadly virus in its waters, causing nothing to live on it. It’s frigid all the time and it snows quite often. The pine trees have long since died from the virus and, as a result, are petrified in the streams and rain. They look like glass trees in all their colors.

The water is boiling hot and the ground constantly shifts and trembles due to what we call earthquakes. One could be standing on the snow when, suddenly, the ground could shake below, causing the snow to melt because of the boiling poisonous water bubbling to the top.

Jupiter Moon – The moon is similar to Earth and is populated. It’s the moon where the new Master of the Galaxy grew up and his legal father still lives. 

Zircon Moon – It is a moon like Earth that had the Jusezer virus released on it. It is heavily populated and if you’re new to the moon, you will become temporarily paralyzed. 

Starlight Planet – It is a planet that has long winters like Alaska and Siberia. It is not heavily populated. The Vanishers are the only ones who live there year round. The planet is rich in minerals and mining that can only be done during the three warmer months.

Sussia P lanet – This is a planet full of marshes and mountains. In the mountains, the Eraphins mined for their precious stones. In one of the caves, Sethus found the Master Stones. Thinking they were server stones, the Master Stones bonded to him to make him the first Master of the Stones.

Suzair P lanet – It is like Earth and populated. The new Master of the Galaxy’s family homestead this planet along with others. 

Zuffra Moon – It is like Earth and populated with Trons only. The last evil sorcerer lived on this moon. After the war with the sorcerers, Sethus caused this moon to never be visited by I-Force or the KOGN. An evil sorcerer’s ghost lived on this moon. 

Jabala Moon – It is like Earth and populated. Suzair the Great, the evil leader of KOGN, made his headquarters there until he was visited by a ghost or was it?

Japotter Moon – It is like earth and not populated. It’s also the furthest moon to the outside edge of the galaxy and this is important to know. It plays an important role in the story at the end.

Foot note –  I-Force and the KOGN. Who are they? When the Master Stones left the galaxy, a civil war broke out between good and evil. The evil became the KOGN, which stands for King of Galaxy Nations. I-Force stands for Intergalactic Force.

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