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Ellisarius Galaxy. The Home of the Stones' Quest Series

Medical Equipment and their Medicines

The people living in the Ellisarius galaxy are far more sophisticated in their medical field than we are here on Earth. They have numerous machines and equipment that we can only dream about. They are listed below:

Medical Tech – They are equivalent to our doctors.

Analyzer – A machine that scans the complete body. The patient lies down on the examination table, while the machine moves over them. The medical tech will receive a complete readout of the person’s body. The report will be in-depth and very detailed about every aspect of the body makeup and its chemicals.

If one cell isn’t functioning properly, the machine notifies the medical tech. The medical tech will know how to treat the body according to the information from the analyzer.

Portable Analyzer – A medical tech can carry a small analyzer easily in his or her pocket. The patient places a hand on it and the analyzer will examine anything the medical tech mentally requests by getting in harmony with it.

The results of their questions are shown on a screen. It does the same as the large analyzer with the only difference being that the medical tech has to ask for the desired information.  

Overall, scores from the analyzer range from 1-10, with ten being the strongest vital sign. If the medical tech is requesting information regarding a certain area, the analyzer will give more detailed numbers that only he or she will understand. 

Gurneys – I wish we had these. They are basically a bed with safety straps to hold a patient in place. They glide and hover above the ground and can be adjusted to any height that is comfortable for the medic to use them. Medics can code their energy waves into the gurney and they will follow them anywhere.  

            Underneath the bed are different supply closets and a monitor that will pop up to the side, so the medical tech can read different screens he or she wants the portable analyzer to report to them.

Apparatuses – They are devices that clap on an arm or wrist. When a medical tech puts one on an arm, the machine will find a vein that they like and connect into it. This is how they get fluids into their patients. It is important for them to have a lot of water on a daily basis, especially when they fly in space. If they are hurt and unable to drink, they use the apparatus to make sure their patients do not dehydrate. They use them a lot in space, when someone doesn’t drink enough water. Military personnel must drink a lot of water and exercise to stay fit when flying in space. 

Artificial womb – This is something that only the Master of the Galaxy can control right now. He figured out how to build an artificial womb so he could save a baby’s life. A premature baby can live in the womb until it has developed properly. Then the medical tech will open it and remove the baby and this will be their birth.

I expect them to mass produce it in the future now they have a prototype.

Control Temperature Blankets – The Control Temperature Blanket creates an artificial environment to keep a patient’s body at a certain temperature, which is programmed by the medical tech.  The blanket stops at the patient’s neck and seals, so only the head can be seen. This helps the body's immune system to work properly, so it doesn't become worn down. 

Ambulances – On land, they are shuttles. All shuttles fly.

Their Medicines:

Patches – They do not have shots or pills to administer their medicine. It is done with patches. This is how the patches work. The medicine is in the form of an oil that the body can easily absorb. The patch holds the oils over a main vein or artery that will take the medicine throughout the body.

Medical techs also place the patches on areas of the body where there is a strong access to certain nerves. Sometimes, they will be placed in an area because it needs the medicine, like a bruise. They can heal something very quickly.

Broken bones – They have a different method here. If you break your bone and reach a medial tech within a two-hour period, you will be given a drink that will cause you to go into a deep sleep. While you are out, they can set the bones together.

The drink properties heal the bone as if it was never broken. The patient will wake up after the drink has healed the body and they feel wonderful. Usually, it takes two to four hours to mend a broken bone.

Second Skin – This is what the medical tech use instead of bandages, staples, glue, or stitches like us. The artificial skin can blend into the normal skin and look real. At first, it will pucker up a little.

The second skin has antibodies or antiseptic oils inside of it. As the flesh heals, the second skin dissolves. The medical staff uses them inside and outside of the body. They can hold the flesh tightly together, causing few scars.

Mid-Section Extraction – It is equivalent to our C-Sections. The medical tech cuts into the mother’s womb to retrieve the baby.


Military Equipment


Blaster - They look like a six inch black stick. A military person feels the energy of the blaster and ask it to fire a laser beam, shot out fire, or launch a gas bomb.

Gas Bombs - They cause a human to become unconscious. A robot will only become temporarily stunned before they can recalibrate and functions again.

A human needs medical help after being in the smoke of a gas bomb. They seldom die from them.

Knives - It is a four inch stick that fits on their belt. A person feels the energy of the stick before they command the knife to produce six different blades.

Field Glasses - I-Force are the only ones who uses field glasses. KOGN doesn't have the same technology. The field glasses can do:

Robots - KOGN is the one who uses them. They look exactly like a human. A medic tech is the only person who can tell the difference between a human or a robot.

They can be programmed to do almost anything a human can do. The only differences, a robot has sensors that you can be programmed to pick up different movements that a human can't detect.

Military Equipment -


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