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Readers' Comments

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Read what some of our readers think of the Stones' Quest Series.

"I'm from rural Utah also, and I would like to you tell you how much I appreciated your books! They really are captivating I couldn't put the first two down and I had to wait for the third one to come in the mail, it was absolutely excruciating. I am such a major fan of your work now and I cannot wait to see more!"
       - Janessa-Kaye Woodward
         Price, UT

"I loved In Search of its master because it made me relive the adventure. I just couldn't put it down at school. People have asked me what it is about and I tell them about it and it is the best book I've ever read. Thanks for writing it."
       - Bobbie Pell
         Price, UT
         Age 18

"The characters seemed like they were right in front of me the whole time. I loved the books."
       - Christie Talon
         Bountiful, UT
         Age 14

"I think that Stones' Quest is Awesome! Right now I'm reading In Search of Its Master for the second time because I just go both of them for my birthday two days ago. I hope we will get to see Jasper again. I wish that Ghonnilere, or whatever his name is, was the old Master of the Stones and Jasper and Sooner were his kids but Jenny is not dead even though Ghonnilere thinks she is, and she's Jasper mon and the story is about Jasper not Ghonnilere because Ghonnilere is too old."
       - Jason Calvin
         Kaysville, UT

"I loved the book. I felt like I was an actual character in this book. I wish it could go on and on. It's one of the best books I've read since the Harry Potter series."
       - Tyler Violette
         Logan, UT

"I was first introduced to the book by my grandfather. He said he went to a family reunion and met LaRene R. Ellis there. She signed and gave my grandpa the book. Later, my grandpa gave me the book because he thought I might be interested in it. And I was!! I'm almost finished with the book, and I'm loving every minute of it! The characters and storys Mrs. Ellis has created are extraordinary! I don't want to put it down! I think she has done a wonderful job on these books, and I hope she will continue to make more! She has inspired me to write stories of my own!"
       - McKynzie Bair
         Santa Clarita, CA

"This book is the best! I couldn't stop reading it. My imagination just kept going. I thought it was all about Jasper, and then I realized it was about Ghonllier. My cousin is now reading it."
       - Jared Wilson
         Richfield, UT

"The book was very good and I liked it a lot. I enjoyed it because it gave me a great deal of detail about the main characters and I found myself relating with them very quickly. I became quite emotional when things happened to characters I had grown attached to. The intriguing part of the book was the many unexpected things that happened to key characters - that kept me on tenterhooks. I think the Stones' Quest series will have the greatest impact on the teenage reader, but it will also have a broad appeal to youth and adults alike. I am now anxious to read book II and see what happens to my favorite characters."
       - David Vincent
         South Ogden, UT

"With her novel Stone's Quest, LaRene R. Ellis successfully blends science fiction and fantasy in a way that will surely intrigue fans of both genres. Though some of the story's elements seemed a bit familiar, reminiscent of both the Harry Potter and Star Wars series', the novel does evolve into a truly original story as it shifts to follow the character of Ghonllier. Readers will find themselves drawn in by the curious power of the stones as Ghonllier struggles to unravel the mysteries of Ellis' universe. The dialogue seemed occasionally unnatural, but Ellis' narrative abilities carry the book. Ellis should be applauded for completing such an ambitious project, which has so much detail and an absolutely fascinating and interesting story."
       - Gifford Bott
         Morgan, UT

"Stones' Quest is a fantastic book for all ages. I love to read and I found myself unable to put the book down. Adventures and the characters captivated me. I do not usually read science fiction, but after reading chapter one on the Web Site, I could hardly wait to finish the book. This book will please science fiction lovers and non science fiction lovers alike. LaRene Ellis is a natural storyteller, with a wonderful imagination. I could see this series being made into a movie someday. I tell everyone I know to go to the Web Site and read chapter one. This book had such a gripping ending that I can't wait to read the next book."
       - Christy Grimley
         Plain City, UT

"The book moves very quickly While there is a lot of action. it does not distract from the ongoing dialogue. The violence that occurs is handled very well. It is not gory or gratuitous, which often happens in science fiction.

I believe the Stones' Quest series will garner a large audience and will have broad appeal. It has elements that will appeal to younger and older teens and the adult Sci-fi audience as well.

I can honestly say that I look forward to reading Book II. I have come to enjoy the characters very much and have enjoyed the details contained in each chapter. I also found the book to be filled with many new ideas for sci-fi fans. The entire concept of the stones' and their qualities is truly unique and quite fascinating. I found it hard to put the book down once I began reading it. I said to myself, more than once, I would stop between chapters and do other things. However, when I found myself at the end of a chapter, I had to continue reading to find out what was next. This is definitely a good sign for the opening novel of a series."
       - Jennifer Jacobson
         Assistant Principal, Juan Diego High School

"I really enjoyed reading this book. I just couldn't put it down. I could hardly wait to see what was going to happen next. My favorite characters were the courageous Dapper and Ghonlier."
       - Cameron Mumford, Medford, Vermont
         Age 12

"The book was fantastic! My imagination was kept in high gear as I anxiously followed the interest-gripping action. The story line was unigue and exciting. I became very involved in the characters lives and anxiously watched to see what would happen next."
       - Heidi Tice, Middleton, DE

"This is a great book for all ages to enjoy! The gripping battle scenes, the unique characters and the overwhelming desire to learn more about the mystery of the Stones keeps you reading for hours. You will not be able to put this book down."
       - Clyda Vaterlaus, Omaha, NE

"I found myself getting caught up in the lives of the characters. What fascinated me the most was their culture. It seemed real, yet futuristic. The story was moving and I enjoyed it. I'm patiently waiting for the next installment."
       - Rachel Hale, Asheville, North Carolina