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About the Author

When growing up in rural Coalville, Utah, LaRene Ellis never planned to become a novelist, let alone one that could be internationally recognized. As a young child her life was carefree, filled with love, and normal by most standards, until her mother contracted cancer and passed away when LaRene was only four years of age. Her father, unable to take care of the three children, farmed them out to extended family and from that point her life would never be the same.

Those early impressionable years led to experiences that have molded the writer and created the insights that are reflected in her novels. The natural laws of life can be harsh for a four year old growing up in a challenging world and LaRene learned quickly to create her own positive environment within which to live. Inspiring experiences helped her acknowledge those around her who not only loved her, but also appreciated her for who she was, and recognized her latent talents. Little did she realize that life's natural laws would become such an influence in her writing.

In her youth, LaRene would reach out to those less fortunate to bring compassion and love into their lives - the giving of little gifts and the extending of kindnesses made a significant difference in those otherwise lonely lives. Reading books that inspired and uplifted, also helped her gain a sense of confidence and a realization of who she was.

LaRene Ellis is a deep thinking, insightful and stimulating writer who has used her life's experiences and observations to create a captivating series of science fiction works for her primary teenage audience and adults alike. The opportunity to begin writing the Stones' Quest series of five and soon to be six volumes came when she developed a bad cold in 2000. The cold left her without a voice and indoors for 90 days and led her to the computer where Stones' Quest simply flowed from the keyboard for eight hours per day, every day, for the next four years. With book one on the shelves, her young audience has hailed Stones' Quest: In Search of Its Master as "a real page turner." One twelve-year-old has said, "I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I just couldn't put it down."

"I feel very fortunate that I have been able to write this series of science fiction novels and see plots and characters come to life. In my writing, I have found that my mind is always two sentences ahead of my fingers and I have had a difficult time keeping up. My greatest satisfaction comes in seeing the response of my readers to book one and knowing that they can soon enjoy books two through five that are in the pipeline and book six that is close behind."