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"It is an original sci-fi story. Star Wars meets Harry Potter. We loved it!"
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Stones' Quest
- In Search of its Master

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"I was abandoned at the age of four and lived to tell
my story."
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Stones' Quest
- The Battles Begin

Centuries ago, a young sorceress fell in love, but not with the man chosen by her powerful father. giving up everything she has, the lovers escape fleeing the moon and her father's hateful oppression. Or so they thought...

Battling KOGN and hiding from I-force, Ghonllier and his renegade crew continue their pursuit of the all-powerful Master Stones. Searching for a solution to reverse the curse destroying the galaxy, Ghonllier must confront his greatest fears foreseeing the untimely deaths of his closet friends and family. Meanwhile, Suzair the Great continues advancing his evil reign over an increasing number of systems in the galaxy. Can Ghonllier save the galaxy and prevent the deaths of those he loves? Or will he have to choose?

Stones' Quest: The Battles Begin continues the tale of the great quest of the Stones. Gaining more powers only adds to Ghonllier's inner turmoil. Teeming with suspense, the story illustrates powerful battles between the forces of good and evil, and one man's battles within himself.